Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Haul: Phoenix Comicon 2013

And now for a break from all my text-heavy posts with some pictures of pretty books I either acquired at PHXCC, or already owned and dragged along with me to get autographed there!

 photo b6ff3ad1-2c11-4f9b-960a-c76fb08d63d1_zpsb2b471b8.jpg  photo 4c9fb1b1-9001-4f69-be1c-a7492980d902_zpsd736a301.jpg  photo 95ce4942-57c0-420f-b22d-beed9a2994de_zps34d5b590.jpg  photo fe7da43d-7bdb-4fbc-b255-8672fd6dc3a5_zpsdfc47c86.jpg  photo 3012d174-1c69-4f90-b714-86b4e84da57b_zpsb126f6f3.jpg  photo 82766146-1487-476d-b00b-3a2dab0a51dc_zpsef2a4911.jpg

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