Saturday, February 1, 2014

Book Bingo Update: January

January saw Alyssa (green) pull ahead of Susan (red) in our Connect Six (or as many as we can) version of the game, having read from a full four of the categories while Susan mustered only two. To summarize:



Because we are quite sporting, here is a brief, ESPN-style look at the strategy on display so far. Alyssa read Poets Translate Poets, an erudite collection of translated poetry originally published in the Hudson Review, and thus had a qualifying entry for two separate squares (volume of poetry and literary salon read), and possibly three (depending on her interpretation of "Book originally written in another language"). Her choice to take the literary salon square instead of the volume of poetry suggests that she is making a move on the fifth row, where she has also completed a picture book. Susan's strategy so far seems to be to block anything having to do with "The Most Dangerous Game." Probably because Book Bingo is the most dangerous game of all.

How about you? How is your bingo coming along? Any recommendations for our remaining squares?

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