Monday, May 20, 2013

Excitement on the horizon!

In addition to some awesome dueling strawberry tart recipes making their way to a computer near you, there is EVEN MORE excitement coming in the near future! Now that it's (nearly) (or already has been, if you live in AZ) summer, there are all sorts of exciting book-y events on the way, and Susan and I will be attending/reporting on some of them for our own edification and for yours as well. Susan will be attending the very exciting Book Expo America 2013, learning more about the book blog trade and meeting some cool authors, and I will be going to Phoenix Comicon and getting my nerd on with some heavy-hitter science fiction/fantasy authors. Not sure if anyone reading this is into the SFF scene, but here are some of the authors who will be speaking at Phoenix Comicon: Cherie Priest (of Clockwork Century fame), Brandon Sanderson, Terry Brooks, John Scalzi, Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Wil Wheaton (more famous geek than AUTHOR author perhaps, but I do think he has written some things and he definitely read for the Ready Player One audiobook)...if you have any questions you're just dying to ask any of these people, let me know and I can pipe up during a panel if I'm feeling brave. At any rate, I will be posting reports on the author events and panels after they happen. Woot! Join us for live-blogging and -tweeting fun!


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